Quicken for Windows: Anyone else having issues with incorrectly populated windows and popup windows?

Quicken Premier for Windows Ver R45.21 Build Subscription is current.
Program is installed on a 256GB Solid State Drive with 40GB free and data file is on a standard 1TB drive. Filesize: Just over 182mb.

Dell Laptop running Windows 10 Home 64bit Ver: 22H2 Build: 19045.2364, I7-1065G7 10th Gen processors, 16GB Ram, Experience pack 120.2212.4190.0, Nvidia GeForce MX230

Over the past few months I have been having multiple random display issues which are more likely to occur if I leave Quicken open over night.
Here are some examples:
1. Today I opened quicken and did downloads for 2 investment accounts and accepted downloads. I then clicked on a 3rd investment account and quicken just sat there and did not display the investment account. Closed and reopened Quicken and it worked fine.
2. Sometime I open the investment account holdings window and all the columns are compressed into a narrow window and I can not adjust or maximize the window. Again, restart quicken and it works fine.
3. I sync quicken to the cloud. Sometimes when I attempt to close quicken, I get the popup windows "Sync quicken to the cloud?" and the popup is completely blank except for the "Sync quicken to the cloud?" banner. Only way out is to close (crash) quicken via Task Manager.
4. A few days ago, I clicked on "Bills & Incomes" and the resulting window was blank and showed no entries. Close and reopen Quick and it works again.

This has been randomly happened over the past few months. Today was just the first that I have had time to list the issues. I did search the forum but did not see anything that seemed relevant. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Hello @austinja697,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing these issues.

    To start with, I suggest that you please try validating and/or super validating your data file. However, I do recommend that you first save a backup file prior to performing these steps.

    1. File
    2. Validate and Repair File...
    3. Validate File
    4. Click OK
    5. Close the Data Log
    6. Close Quicken (leave it closed for at least 5 secs)
    7. Reopen Quicken and see if the issue persists.
    If the issue persists, proceed to Super Validate. If the issue is resolved after performing validation, then please disregard the instructions to Super Validate.

    Super Validate:
    1. File
    2. Hold CTRL + Shift and click Validate and Repair File...
    3. Super Validate File
    4. Click OK
    5. Close the Data Log
    6. Close Quicken (leave it closed for at least 5 secs)
    7. Reopen Quicken and see if the issue persists.

    Once this has been completed, please see if the issues persist. 
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • mshiggins
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    @austinja697, it sounds like may be having this recent issue:

    Slowdowns and Not Enough Memory to Proceed errors


    Here is a post in that discussion from Quicken Jared, mentioning that the issue has been reported and assigned an issue number  


    Here is the issue number. 


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    Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
  • austinja697
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    Quicken crashed today before I had a chance to do the suggested Validate action on my file. I sent in the report with a list of all the actions I had performed. Basically, I started quicken, did some downloads and accepted the updates. Updated some previous transactions. Added a few transactions. Tried to download transactions for my Citi Costco card which did nothing and provided no "Download/Update transactions" dialog. So I decided to accept a transaction from the Bills & Incomes screen and it crashed at that point.

    So I waited a couple of minutes and restarted quicken. Made a backup of the file and ran the validate action as suggested. The validate found no errors and only listed that it had updated 13 scheduled transactions.

    The log also had this entry:
    Number of old style Buy/Sell/Transfer investment transactions updated: 4464/0/0

    I assume that it updated 4464 Buy Transactions.

    So now it is await and see if I continue to get errors and need to do the super validate. I also looked at the slowdowns posts as a possible issue.
  • austinja697
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    So it "hung" again this morning. I left it up overnight as I "USE" to do all the time. I did a few Investment and credit card transaction downloads and accepts with no issue. I did 1 Bills & Income action. I then attempted to add a transaction and none the category and tags drop down displays would not appear. I could type in the full category and tag information and save the transaction. I then attempted to close quicken and it would not give me the close dialog. I could click on accounts and they would display. I could not use any of the "File", Tools", "Help" or any other dropdown menus.

    So I opened task manager and looked at the quicken process. It was using between 0 and 3 percent of the processor and memory use was less than 200MB. So I forced the program to close.

    I will do the Super clean of the quicken file but I have NO CONFIDENCE that this will have any change and I will continue to have issues. This is getting ridiculous and frustrating. This may be the issue reference by mshiggins.

    These last 6 to 8 months have been frustrating. Prior to that, it was rare that I would have any issues with the quicken program just crashing or hanging. Please fix this.
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    Today, I ran the super validate task as suggested. If I CONTINUE to have issues after this action, I will plan on moving the Quicken directory and files from the 2TB Western Digital Standard SCSI disk and files onto the Solid State drive where quicken is installed to see if that helps. The data directory was moved from the Solid State drive over a year and a half ago since the solid state drive is only 256GB which currently has just over 40GB free.

    I did noticed that the file size shrunk from 182,964KB to 171,765KB. For completeness, I have included the super validate log that showed there where no real errors listed.
    [Tue Dec 27 12:11:30 2022]

    File: "D:\James\Documents\Quicken\Austin-HomeR2020"

    Validating your data.
    No errors.

    No read errors.

    All internal consistency checks passed.

    [Tue Dec 27 12:18:27 2022]
    5 scheduled transactions corrected
    Maximum security reference: 205, number of securities: 205.
    Analyzing securities.

    Number of old style Buy/Cash/Transfer investment transactions updated: 4464/0/0
    No out-of-range security references found.

    Super validation has completed.
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    So Jasmine. Do you have any other suggestions to try.

    Once again, Quicken behaved BADLY and I had to close the app and reopen it. This time, I was in "Bills and Incomes" I accepted an upcoming "Income" (paycheck) and it worked fine. I then attempted to update another "Income" reminder to move my spouse's paycheck out a month. I clicked on the "enter dropdown" button to select "Edit this and all future instances". What I got was the edit dialog for the last accepted transaction. I closed the window and the display of the "Bills & Income" screen was not displaying correctly. For each instance listed, there were 2 enter buttons displayed for each. If I moused over the button, it was displaying other remembered bills or incomes and not the one which was displayed on that line.

    Of course, I closed the app and waited about a minute and reopened quicken and it was again working as it should.

    Something is really messing up and someone in quicken support needs to be looking into these issues.
    I have not moved the quicken directory yet because I'm hoping to hear something back about what to try next.

    The next time, I will take a screen snapshot and remove all sensitive data.
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    Here is an example of one of the many hangs I get.
    I went in to reconcile a bank account. It did no pop up the reconcile window. It just did NOTHING. When this happens, I was able to select another account and it would display the entries. Since I had also been having issues with the Bills & Incomes window, I decided to see what would display which was NOTHING. No entries were displayed. So I attempted to close out Quicken and it has hung on the close dialog. In fact, I typed this entry and it is still hung. Below is a picture of what I see on the close dialog and the task manager window showing the Quicken tasks doing absolutely nothing.

    I hope this helps someone figure out what is going on. I've done both the Validate and super validate with no change in the quicken behavior. Very Sad!
  • austinja697
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    I fresh booted the computer last night. I opened only Quicken and my Gmail in a browser this morning @9:20AM. I downloaded 4 investments accounts and accepted 4 transactions. I then did downloads for 3 credit cards and accepted 1 transaction. I deleted a transaction that I had erroneously entered into the wrong account the other day. Next, I updated and accepted 2 upcoming Bills in "Bills & Income". THEN came the failure. I attempted to add a deposit to my checking account. I immediately saw that I was going to have an issue because the "Category" column dropdown was missing and it would not save the entry. I cancelled out of the entry and tried to close quicken and received the same blank "Sync updates..." window and had to use task manager to KILL the program. All this occurred after a fresh boot and about an hour and 15 minutes of using Quicken.


    I am due to renew my subscription and I am really ticked that it is performing like CRAP over the past 4 to 5 months. RARELY ever had an issue prior to this.

    Do I need to uninstall Quicken and completely clear out the Quicken information from "ProgramData" and "USERS\APPData" directories.