Blank uncategorized transaction cannot be deleted or edited

raymorr2 Member ✭✭
Using Quicken Deluxe Ver R45.21 Build with Windows 10 Home. I have run validate and super-validate. There are no errors listed in the logs. I have one transaction which shows up as uncategorized. When I click on it, it always shows the current date, but the rest of the transaction line is blank. I am unable to delete or edit it. I tried ctrl+shift+right click, but nothing happens, I don't get an option to delete or any pop-up. One support rep told me that others had the same issue, a different rep told me I could still have errors in the file, in spite of the validate and super validate. I don't want to restore from a backup, as my previous file had errors which were not corrected by val and superval. This transaction showed up about a week or so before I started a new file, but it migrated to the new file. Any suggestions?


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