Reconciling loan transactions

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I wish loan transactions in loan registers could be reconciled. I'm pretty sure I did this in the QWin and MS Money products, as I see some old transactions in QMac where they look reconciled. The OCD in me wants to be able to flip transactions from marked to reconciled, and to have the whole reconcile experience where it can do adjusting entries. Is there another way to do what I think I was used to?


  • Tom Young
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    I know nothing about the Mac version of Quicken, but over in the Windows world if you have a "downloading" loan, there's no loan register available to you.  In order to have a loan register in Windows the loan has to "manual" in the sense that payment entries you make in the checking Account are what affect the loan balance.  Could that be the case, too, in the Mac versions?
    As to the ability to "reconcile" a loan I just don't remember any explicit "reconcile" process being available in the Windows loan register.  You could manually make entries to the "Clr" column - "c" and "R" - and could make adjustment entries in the register, but there was no "reconcile" wizard you could kick off, like in a checking Account.
  • WillDP
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    Thanks for the response. For my loans, they are offline loans, and so should be in "manual mode". And oh, maybe it was that I could flip to "R" in Windows, or maybe I'm remembering MS Money where a lot of my data came from.
  • jacobs
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    If you want to convert your loan to a liability account, since you're entering transactions manually anyway, then you could reconcile that type of account. 
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    I created a new student loan just now, in "download" mode. It set up the loan with a balance.

    This loan is basically "income" that I need to offset with an "expense" (i.e., the tuition payment). How do I do that, seeing as there is no ledger? How do I track that expense?
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