Quicken does not allow me to log on - rather strange happenings!

mylan Member ✭✭
I have been using Quicken for more years than I can remember. I do NOT use it to connect to any of my financial accounts. I simply use it for my personal and very small almost non-existent business. Am using 2019.
I do not wish to pay a yearly fee as I am not using the program to its fullest extent and I have been more or less "locked" out of using Quicken. It takes me about two minutes to open my account as it keeps telling me my subscription has expired. I have to keep hitting the X button until it finally allows me to see my transactions. Once this has been done, it is fine. It will not allow me to enter an email address in the sign in box as there is a red X there which prevents my inserting it.
How can I open Quicken without going through all this? I don't ask for any support and all I want is to manually use my program.
I don't
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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