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When I export a report such budget vs actual that shows differences in red or black, the created excel file shows everything in black. Is there a way to maintain the colors in the report?


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    Number formats in Excel are set there, not in Quicken.

    Export the report in .XLS fromat, then in Excel 365, select the column with the numbers you want to format. Then go to the Home ribbon and in the Cells section, select Format and Format Cells. On the Number tab, pick Number and you can select whether negative numbers are shown in red, with parentheses, etc.

    In true Microsoft form, the menus will completely different in other versions of Excel and even more different in Google Sheets.
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    I am not aware of any way to maintain the color formatting when exporting to Excel.  What I do when I want the black/red formatting for numbers after it has been exported to Excel is to right click on the column header, then click of Format Cells, then select either "Number" or "Currency" and the select the red colored option.  That will cause the positive numbers in that column to be black and the negative numbers to be red.

    Another option, if you are simply wanting to read the report instead of work with the report, is to export the report to PDF.  Then you will be given the option to export in color or grayscale.  If you select color, the red font will be exported as red.

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