Will not let me recategorize transactions

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Quicken will not let me recategorize transactions, I'm trying to re-categorize 10 transactions and nothing happens. I have done this dozens of times but it no longer works, Quicken tech support is totally worthless. I validated my file and still doesn't work.


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    Check to make sure that you have free space on your hard drive.  I ran into this the other day with my encrypted data vault which had run out of room and Quicken was not saving anything without giving me an error.

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    Same issue here. And I have plenty of hard drive space available.
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    WHY are you unable to assign a new category to a transaction?  What happens?  HOW are you trying this?
    Because I have no problems with changing/editing any field in any transaction.

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    This is a very difficult problem to recreate. I worked with support for 1.5 hours, they observed me having the problem. They acknowledge that it is a problem for me. But, since they cannot recreate it on their end, they basically gave up. In fact they closed the ticket on December 19, 2022. In the survey emailed to me it stated "Please don't delete this reference number: {"Ticket ID":"9902822"}"

    I have been a user since 1996. I use this feature the same way I have always done. Tech support agrees I am using it correctly. Something is broken, it certainly works for most, but not for all. Please see attached scree picture in the following comment.

    Today is February, 1, 2023. I first reported the December 2022. The issue is not resolved.

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    DCP said:
    I have attached a picture showing the issue
    @DCP I believe this Alert confirms your issue:  
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