Deactivating An Account

Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart Member ✭✭
This is a reopening of an old post where I was trying to get control of an account that Quicken decided to control. It is a loan account. It is not a mortgage, it is a personal account. When I record the payment in my checking register I split it into the loan principle and interest. Quicken cannot record the payments properly and my account balance is continuing to go further out of balance. An answer to my previous post was to Deactivate the loan. Well after spending hours trying to find a way to deactivate the loan I gave up. Today I would like to revisit this problem. There is no Deactivate Button to be found. When editing the account details, there is no Online Services tab to be found. If I go to the Online Center screen, it does not list all of the accounts that are activated. The loan is at the same bank as my checking and savings and previous loans. How do I deactivate this loan? My only option now is to delete the loan and recreate it and figure out how to reenter three years and two months worth of data.


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