RSU support is a Deluxe feature - bring it back

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I have reviewed all of the Quicken announcements (, help documentation (, and release notes (, and there is nothing in there that says RSU support is only for Premier and higher. It is offered as a feature for "Investment" customers, and Deluxe very definitely supports Investments. The only aspect of RSU support limited to Premier customers is called out in the release noted for R45.7: "Quicken Premier and Quicken H&B now provide an option to specify units instead of percentage or gradient when adding an RSU Grant."

The original September press announcement linked above (at also emphasizes the value of the new features and makes no indication that they are for Premier & H&B only - although it DOES call out that restriction for real-time quotes, indicating that the restriction does not apply to RSU support.

In other discussions, it is stated that RSU support was limited to Premier & higher in R44.20, but there is nothing in the release notes about this. The R44.20 release notes do call out "Created the Other Investments option as part of the Add Account feature. The Other Investments option can be used for setting up Stock Options, RSUs, Investment Partnerships, and other manual investments" with no limitation on the Quicken version this applies to, just as the R43.14 release notes trumpeted "Added Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) tracking in investment accounts, accessed from ‘Enter Transactions’" without limiting it to Premier & H&B.

RSU support was announced and marketed as a feature of Quicken Deluxe that I and many other customers have paid for. Quicken promoted it to me when it became available. Please get it working again ASAP.


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    @Harpo I echo everything you stated above. Is RSU option in investments not offered in Deluxe or am I missing something?
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    Unfortunately, I think you will find that bad documentation doesn't result in a commitment on Quicken Inc's part.

    Yes, they didn't mention what editions that RSU is supported in in the release notes.  That doesn't mean that you will get it.

    There are tons of restrictions on the Starter edition that are never mentioned, but they are there, nonetheless.

    Quicken Inc certainly has a vested interest in put "extra investment features" only in the Premier and above editions.

    I have seen a number of features added that are premier only.  Clearly, they are doing this on purpose to make the distinction between the two editions greater to warrant paying more for the Premier edition.

    Flocha said:
    @Harpo I echo everything you stated above. Is RSU option in investments not offered in Deluxe or am I missing something?
    The Deluxe edition doesn't support RSUs.
    This is my website:
  • entering rsu
    Does anyone else get repeated error messages after the program shuts down after attempting to enter an RSU grant? Also, the steps that Quicken specified to open an "Other Investment Account" didn't work as identified.
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    @entering rsu

    What version and edition of Quicken are you running? Like it or not, RSUs are now only supported in Premier and above.
    QWin Premier subscription
  • entering rsu
    I am using Deluxe. I agree with you, they need to bring back the support for RSUs to Deluxe.
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    Anyone above actually use the feature when it was available in Deluxe and now (post feature REMOVAL) having issues with RSU's entered during that period?

    Suggestions on how to correct? Or, do I have to waste my time redoing my work due to a Quicken management 'decision'?
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    I found this thread because I went to record an RSU vesting, there is a button, but when the pop-up comes up it immediately closes. I am on Quicken Deluxe. is this the behavior people are experiencing with this feature being silently removed from Deluxe? I have also noticed that my total market value isn't correct in the ledger, but is in the holdings, figure this is probably another problem with the removed support.

    Anyone have thoughts on how to undo this?

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    Frustrated by this as well.
  • aaronj11
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    Even more infuriating that the CEO lists the RSU as the first feature improvement based on customer feedback as part of "Quicken for Windows":

    "Over the past 6 months, Quicken for Windows has seen improvements in a number of areas. We have listened to your input and continued to make the new modern dashboard more flexible, so that it has now become a great “home base” for an increasing number of Quicken users. We have also responded to several customer requests in the area of investments: the RSU tracking feature* now includes additional options for grants (gradient, single vesting; rounding), ..."

    This was initially released as part of Deluxe, my Quicken file has RSU transactions in it, but now it's broken and I can't manage any of it. Bring it back, Quicken! Your CEO even says it's part of Quicken for Windows!
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