I'm having an issue with beginning to download Wells Fargo transactions

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I've been entering/reconciling my accounts at Wells manually. I wanted to start doing it via transaction download, so I set it up. Quicken got logged in and pulled down the accounts, mostly matching them up correctly (I tweaked a couple).

It then proceeded to download all transactions for the past 18 months. I never was asked for a date to start downloading transaction from that I saw. I think I can fix that by accepting the matched transactions and deleting the "new" ones, which are simply unmatched (not really new).

Quicken also, and this may have been the worst, deleted my opening balances and inserted its own opening balances as of January 1 of the year that each individual account was opened, and for seemingly totally random amounts.

Fortunately I had a backup file from the day before that I could just update in a couple of minutes.

But I'd still like to get this working in a manner that I can trust. (Given the situation, although my ending balances are the same I just can't trust the details. And with 600+ transactions downloaded no way am I doing a manual comparison.) Can anyone advise if there is a way to get this download function working correctly with a beginning cutoff date and no adjustments to the opening balance?

Or does anyone know the answer to this: If I've already downloaded the trx from Wells, even though I've moved back to the backup file that doesn't have them, will Wells think they were downloaded and not re-feed them to me?



  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Brent,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community with your questions.

    If you've restored a backup, please be advised that the program will recognize this as a separate data file and will not communicate with your original data file that you set up the downloads in initially. So if you were to connect the restored backup file, you will run into the same problems as you did when you connected your original file. I would suggest switching back to the original file and "tweaking" it as needed until you are satisfied with the data. Once it all looks good, you can download moving forward without issues.

    Additionally, there is no way to select a date range through automatic downloads as it has a default timeframe of 30 to 90 days of transaction history it downloads (this timeframe is determined by the financial institution). There is also the option of doing a 2-step download by downloading a QFX file from your bank's website and importing it to Quicken which usually does give you the option of selecting a date range. However, be aware that if you go this route you may run into duplicate downloads. You can find more info on this method of downloading here.

    Either way, to accomplish your goal here, I think it would be better suited for you to please reach out to Quicken Support by phone directly for further assistance in getting this going for you. Our phone support agents also have the ability to screen share so they will be able to better walk you through setting up downloads and helping you clean up the file as needed.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja
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