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Hey Quicken Community,

I have a feature request for Quicken for Mac. When selected on an account, current the balance is shown in the top right corner. You have to select it or hover the (i) icon to see/change to different balances; such as the online balance.

I request that there be an option to display the three balance types Today, Projected, and Online in a row constantly at the top bar when the window size allows it. Since this allows an easier way to glance at an account and ensure it is matching what it should to online and easily allows to see what the account is doing over the next set of bills.

In addition I think an indicator of a underline bar could be also added to show that the Today's Balance and the Online Balance are matching; green for yes, red for no to more easily show this status. For me at least due to the number of bills and incomes always changing slightly from month to month; many times my bills don't match to the charge or something doesn't match on transfers. To be able to quickly see if there is a discrepancies or not would be super helpful.


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    Hello @SidaClark,

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Community with your request.

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    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • SidaClark
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    Thanks Jasmine!
  • mathieu
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    huge +1! I have been a decade-long user of Quicken on Windows and am just now experimenting with transitioning to Quicken for Mac. The inability to view multiple balances (today, projected, and online) on a single screen (or even in a popup) is really disappointing.