Can I delete the "Online Services" section of one step update

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Attached is a screenshot of my one step update accounts. The first 4 are my banking and creditcard accounts. The fifth account is my investment account - I only update it manually every quarter. Can I delete the section in yellow - "Online Services"? I don't know what it is & I don't need it. It may (???) have appeared in the last month.


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    There isn't any way to eliminate the Online Services section of the One Step Update.  You can do just what you did and deselect the options you don't want.  In your case that is having Quicken download the current security prices and news on those securities.
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    Can you delete the option to select Online Services?  No.  Just keep the box unchecked in your One Step Update Settings as is shown in the picture you attached and that data will not be downloaded.

    The Online Services that is downloaded when that box is checked is simply downloading of securities quotations, securities news, securities asset class information, industry info, etc.....all very benign information that is available to anyone who looks them up on the Internet.  There is no personal data or information involved here, at all.  But the information that is downloaded can be very important in determining how well Quicken calculates and reports things to you like investments performance, asset allocations, Morningstar ratings, comparisons to industry, etc.  It is an optional feature so you can keep it unchecked if you wish.  Just know that if you don't check the box you will be missing out on some of the investments features that many people value about Quicken.  But to each his or her own.

    BTW, it is highly recommended that you download account transactions (including for investments) not less than 1X per month.  How many days of transactions that are downloaded by financial institutions is determined by each financial institution.  And they do change how many days that are downloaded from time to time.  More and more I am seeing shorter time periods involved.  If your investment broker reduces how many days they will download into Quicken to less than 3 months, then your only option to get all of the transactions in the quarter entered into Quicken might just be to manually enter all the missing ones.  

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