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I've seen posts questioning the assignment of industry classification to various stocks with no resolution. Does anyone know where Quicken sources these assignments? They don't appear to adhere to SIC. For example, all of my semiconductors are classed as "Solar". I've got other "non-sensical" assignments as well.
Given the inability to edit these classifications, at least it'd be helpful to know their source. Maybe start by pulling from Morningstar? Any chance of Edit functionality being enabled? Once done, maybe some reporting as well? Thanks.


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    My semiconductors (AVGO, KLAC, and QCOM show as industry = semiconductors.  (Using R43.32 right now)

    I agree there are some non-sensical ones and too many "Unknown'.

    What securities are your seeing as 'Solar'?
    Are you syncing with mobile?
    What release are you using?

    Have seen sources reported (never confirmed) but don't recall which.
    Quicken never shares development plans.
    Doubtful re edit capability being added.  Just my opinion.
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    Using R45.21, Build; and only on desktop (don't use mobile).
    Stocks showing as Solar include SEDG, SLAB, QCOM, NVDA, MPWR, MCHP, INTC, AMAT.
    Makes it hard to analyze your industry exposure without extracting into excel and doing a vlookup using another source (which I maintain using Morningstar).

    I agree, edit & reporting are pipe-dreams at this point.

    Thanks for the response.
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    For other discussions on this topic, search for "industry category". See this one for example
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    Thanks to q_lurker and Jim_H. Good useful workaround, but I'm hopeful that Quicken will enhance their investment / reporting functionality. In the meantime, I'll stick to downloading into excel, etal; as I'm not enthralled with maintaining 400 items inside of Quicken. In fact, isn't that why we use the product? automate reconciliations, tracking and analysis?
    Thanks to you both.
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