Will the Petal 2 credit card accounts be added as a Connected Account?

The Petal 2 credit card is currently not offered as a Connected Account option. Is this something that could be coming in the future? Is there a way to put in a request to have this account offered as a Connected Account?
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    It is solely in the ballcourt of the financial institution to decide whether or not to support Quicken.  If they decide to do that they then must contract with Intuit to get added to the FIDIR (Financial Institutions Directory) list.  The FIDIR tells Quicken which financial institutions support Quicken, which connection method(s) they support and which types of accounts are supported.

    If you wish for Petal 2 to support Quicken you should contact them and request it of them.  If and when they get enough customer requests then perhaps they will be swayed to make the capital investment needed to add support for Quicken.

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    You would have to ask the Petal 2 credit card company.  It is they who have to request to be added to the participating financial institutions, not Quicken asking them.

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