Stock Symbols that begin with A do not show up in Mobile or Web

So, for some time I have noticed this and want to bring it up to the board to keep the issue out there. Within the web site any stock symbol with an "A" as the beginning letter does not show up either in the Mobile App or Quicken Web under the investment section. As a result, the Mobile App goes white and locks up when you try to access it. Resetting your data in the Cloud DOES NOT fix it which is the standard troubleshooting and I think the issue is in coding at the cloud servers within Quicken. Has anyone else seen this?


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    It appears nobody has taken any action to bring this problem to the attention of Quicken Support.

    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review the situation on your computer, to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it.

    Quicken Support:

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    Actually, it has been brought to the attention of Quicken Support as I include this email from Quicken Anja from 5/17/2022 of last year.

    Hello Tman,

    I went ahead and checked internally and have been able to confirm that your issues have been escalated internally. Your escalation ticket number is T2-ESC - 9474628. Due to this escalation, teams and other channels outside of the escalation team are unable to provide further troubleshooting as it can interfere with the escalation itself.

    Escalated issues unfortunately do not have an ETA on resolution. However, our escalation team will reach out to you directly via email if more information is needed or if further troubleshooting is required.

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