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I am long time quicken(premier version) user I recently become frustrated with performance and data file issues. A new computer chokes with quicken. Quicken cannot handle my 401k for some reason, positions come in as unidentified even after I manually enter them. Then last week a data file problem with credit card lead to quicken support giving up and telling to delete and re-add the accounts. So I am reducing my expectations.

My question is - If I downgrade to basic or starter versions can I still use my existing data file?


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    Starter doesn't support investment accounts, and there's no longer a "Basic" product.
    So, the answer to your question is NO ... but you could download to Deluxe and keep your data file.

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    The Starter edition will read in the data file, the investment accounts will become read-only.

    EDIT note that there are a lot of features missing in the Starter edition, like the annual budget, most account types, ...
    It is interesting to note that their product comparison webpage doesn't even include the Starter edition.
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