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  • itasara
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    Just got notice that under current mac ios Mohave, that Quicken will not support me and I may not be able to use it any more if I do not upgrade. I just have to say, I purposely do not want to upgrade and am VERY UPSET that I may not be able to use quicken any more. Why would you just abandon current users like that? I purposely don't want to upgrade because I'll lose ability for a few apps that I like and do use and need and DO NOT not want to buy to upgrade them for the newer system. I may be a dinasaur but I feel the system as abandon me.
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    The blame, if there is any, is with Apple, not Quicken. Apple rolls out annual updates, some of which break old software. That said, Quicken Mac will continue to work with the current 6.11 release, as well as the next 6.12 release. After that, if you still want to stick with Mojave, then Quicken will continue to work but you won't be able to upgrade beyond version 6.12. Eventually, online connectivity will be limited as financial institutions continue to mandate security changes, and you'll have to decide between updating your macOS or entering your Quicken transactions manually. But that's not happening now, or in the immediate future. Beyond that, it's tough to blame Quicken for abandoning you, when it's you who choose not to upgrade your software and want to stick with a 4+ year-old operating system. (Believe me, I understand; I have some old 32-bit software on my one Mac which is still running Mojave -- but I understand it's me who is not wanting to pay for software upgrades, not the software developers, which is to blame.)
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    Update macOS on Mac
    From the Apple menu in the corner of your screen, choose System Settings or System Preferences. If you chose System Settings, click General on the left side of the window.
    Software Update then checks for new software. If Software Update finds new software, click the button to install it.

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    @rachelgomez Your reply is about how to install a macOS upgrade. That has nothing to do with the original question, which deals with a user who wants to stay on their current macOS Mojave in order to run other older 32-bit software.
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