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Bank in the 90's I used Quicken for my Personal and Business Accounts until one day it just appeared to disapear from the UK Market.

Can you advise if a UK version is available now?


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Quicken is only supported in the US and Canada though there are a few users in the UK but you're on your own.
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    There simply wasn't enough support (users) in the UK to keep the product alive.  It wasn't profitable.

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    There are some UK (and other non-US/non-Canada) people who do still purchase and/or continue to use Quicken but it cannot be used to download from any financial institutions that are outside of the US and Canada so everything must be managed manually.  And Quicken does not offer any support for those folks so, as mentioned above, you are on your own if you decide to purchase Quicken.

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