How do I correct an online balance that is incorrect?

hmday Member ✭✭✭✭
My Macy's credit card shows on "online balance" due (70.28). My last payment of 70.28 was made in august and the account reconciled.  I have not had any charges since July of last year and the credit card website shows nothing owing. How do I correct an incorrect online balance?


  • Tacoer
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    Quicken has many math errors & transaction omissions
  • splasher
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    Quicken can only show what is supplied in the download for online balance and there is nothing you can do about it except doing another download to see if it contains the correct balance.  The online balance is not something that Quicken calculates, it merely displays it.

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  • hmday
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    Resetting the account resolved the problem.  Thanks

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