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The itemized category report is not picking up a transaction in a brokerage account, even though that account is highlighted in the account options and the date range is correct and the transaction description is identical to the one in the itemized category field.
How to I force it to recognize it?


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    What's  different about either that transaction, or the account?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    What type of transaction is missing?

    Bought and Sold do not get Categories and the built-in investing categories such as _DivInc are hidden by default.
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  • PatColau
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    the transaction in the brokerage account I paid the US treasury from my brokerage cash account and marked it as I indicated. When I run a report on itemized categories and select tax:fed:prepaid and make sure the brokerage account is one of the accounts in the report it does not show up in the report.
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