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I have been watching ticket number Ticket #9735243 for quite some time now, it was opened back in 10/3/2022 over 4 months ago and still no resolution or any updates. Am i going to have to revert to manually downloading from my Schwab account and importing into quicken. I would think an issue related to connecting to one of the largest brokerage companies would be something you could resolve fairly quick. ??? Frustrated user.


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    This was reported as "FIXED" in Release 45.13:

    Release R45.13 (US Versions, November 2022)

    Before you install this update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update to ensure that your data is synced to the cloud. You should also make a backup of your data file.

    What’s Fixed

    • For some EWC and EWC+ accounts, there were unreported gaps (missing transactions) in the downloaded transactions.
    • Some customers saw an unnecessary OL-362 error when changing data files.
    I was suffering from the Schwab missing transactions download problem (and other problems) since back in April and was keeping a running report of issues for a while, until I gave up:
    I did download the R45.21 release in December and went through the process of disconnecting all 8 of my Schwab Accounts and then, using the "Add Account" process, reconnected all of the Accounts.  So far (fingers crossed) all transactions have been properly downloading into the Accounts.
    You would think that R45.13 would have been tied to Ticket #9735243 since that release says that the problem has been solved, but maybe the text associated with R45.13 was only a partial solution?
    You might want to contact Official Quicken Support directly and see what's going on here.
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