How to merge two Credit Card accounts

I have the same credit card in two different accounts. it is Bank of America. Now that BOA updates into Quicken the new account overlaps the old BOA account. Can I combine these two accounts into the new BOA account?

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  • NotACPA
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    Your terminology is confusing.  What do you mean that you have the same card in 2 accounts?  Normally, a credit card is shown AS an account in Q ... not something held in an account.
    Are you saying that you're showing that card account twice, once old and once new?
    If so, how new? And which is connected for download?
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    See this FAQ to merge the two accounts into one, deleting any duplicates as needed.

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  • tonimoe
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    we have solved the problem. now that BOA can update wit quicken we ended up with the account showing up twice. the original account and now the account showed up a second time with the new BOA update. My wife copied and pasted and it worked. we just need to clean up a few duplicate transactions. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate the responses.
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