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I just bought and installed this on a relatives Mac to handle a small business. I tried to upgrade my subscription for my own small business and see that it is not an option despite being directed to do that on the help pages. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'd rather not get Parallels and the Windows version if I can help it.


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    Hi @gregor22,

    Unfortunately, if you want to run Q Home & Business on a Mac, then you'll need to go the Parallels and Windows version, because Quicken does not have a "Home & Business" version for the Mac.


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    The developers have said they are planning to implement some form of business features into a future version of Quicken Mac, but they are still soliciting user input on what the feature set should be. Meaning: it won't necessarily be a carbon copy of what's in Quicken Windows Home & Business. But any such future version is still far in the future, since they're still working on defining the feature set. So for now and for some time yet to come, you either have to figure out how to do what you need with the current Mac version, or move to the Windows version under Parallels.
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