Connectivity for all accounts failure (QMAC)

mike14 Member ✭✭
Since "upgrading" to the newest Quicken release yesterday, Quicken Connect no longer works with either TD or Scotiabank. I have tried to fix the issue but get the error message shown in the screenshot. I have reported the errors through Quicken.


  • Bob Gabor
    Bob Gabor Member ✭✭
    It's not working with American banks either. Most of my connections are failing with the same error code after installing upgrade. Wow.
  • SimplyStu
    SimplyStu Member
    Same here! I get Error Code: FDP-4000 on all accounts.
  • robjessica
    robjessica Member ✭✭
    I was on the old version and hadn't upgraded, and it didn't work there either. I have about eight cards linked and my checking account, and every one of them fails. I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version, the same problem was there. So it isn't a versioning issue; something much deeper is going on at Quicken.
  • rbw111
    rbw111 Member ✭✭
    I can not connect to any of my banks, credit cards or investments as on this morning 2/10/23 6 am
  • Matt
    Matt Member ✭✭✭
    Same issue as others.  I'm getting code FDP-4000 on all my banking accounts.  Not sure if it will help trouble-shooting, but Quicken says it did update my Fidelity investment accounts.  All my accounts are with US banks and institutions.  
  • Brendan
    Brendan Member ✭✭✭
    Same here too! I get Error Code: FDP-4000 on all accounts
  • Vermron
    Vermron Member
    All my BOA Accounts will not update after latest Quicken update of 6.1.2; Tried to reconnect accounts but getting an FDP-4000 error.
  • I am getting this message: an unexpected error occurred. Care Code:FDP-8500

    Any ideas how to fix it?

    When I enter correct login and id it delivers the same message above.
  • It seems the quicken sync is down for everyone... my error messages are stating can't find accounts
  • Updated to the new version first thing in the morning, and then bam! nothing connects. Is this another broken update?
  • Matt
    Matt Member ✭✭✭
    Same issues as others this morning (FDP-4000).  After years of no issues with Quicken, starting to have more and more issues every month lately.  Quickly becoming unusable as my daily financial tracking tool.  :(
  • Thanks. Helpful to know it's not just my issue.
  • There is a major issue today but we'll get the reach to Quicken support response, it is on Quicken this time. Please fix your product.
  • Same experience. First thing this morning cannot connect thru Quicken but can connect without Quicken.
  • seeking27
    seeking27 Member
    Same here. Starting on Feb 10th-I am unable to download any data from any of my accounts. I recently upgraded to 6.12.2.
  • marywang
    marywang Member ✭✭
    edited February 10
    I tried to download information today and they all failed. No info at website or announcement that I could find.
  • 704 Hokie
    704 Hokie Member
    Cannot connect to BofA, Merrill, or American Express after updating this morning. Quicken needs to get this fixed. Error Code: FDP-4000
  • abern003
    abern003 Member
    I had the same problem.
  • I found the same problem. None of my Accounts are connecting or downloading this morning! I wonder if the staff at Quicken are even aware of the problem!
  • Phlyter
    Phlyter Member ✭✭
    Getting pretty obvious that everyone's ability to download data is broken. CC-569 error on EVERY banking account. How is this becoming a more frequent issue and not being considered a priority?
  • DiahannF
    DiahannF Member
    I am having the same issue. None of my accounts will update. Same error message FDP-4000. I had to re-connect (re-link) all my banking institutions to Quicken and the updates worked.
  • Brendan
    Brendan Member ✭✭✭
    Same here too! I get Error Code: FDP-4000 on all accounts
  • Same here. After the 6.12.2 update, no online accounts are syncing.
  • abern003
    abern003 Member
    Yes, it was after the 6.12.2 update for me too.
  • Brendan
    Brendan Member ✭✭✭
    DiahannF said:
    I am having the same issue. None of my accounts will update. Same error message FDP-4000. I had to re-connect (re-link) all my banking institutions to Quicken and the updates worked.
    Good info.  Relinking is fixing mine too.  Just time consuming. 
  • lvjanzen
    lvjanzen Member
    After updating to 6.12.2, Fidelity worked. Sam's Credit worked after reconnecting. CapitalOne, Quicken Credit and Redstone Federal Credit union would not work and could not reconnect. Error reports were uloaded.
  • It looks like accounts are now syncing.
  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    Answer ✓
    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, though we apologize that you are experiencing this.

    We have forwarded this issue to the proper channels to have this further investigated. However, we request that you please navigate to Help > Report a problem within your Quicken program and submit a problem report with log files attached in order to contribute to the investigation. While you will not receive a response through this submission, these reports will help our teams in further investigating the issue. The more problem reports we receive, the better.

    We apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
  • robertcone
    robertcone Member ✭✭
    I am having the same issue. Some transactions download but not all of them. I have deauthorized and reauthorized but no change.
  • larc2
    larc2 Mac Beta Beta
    Updated to v6.12.2 earlier this morning Feb 10 and at no issues. Just tried again with no issues. Perhaps is being fixed for some?

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