amex transactions keep downloading even after having reconciled account

Everytime I update my american express credit card account via the automatic update, it keeps downloading the transactions even if I have already reconciled them


  • Frankx
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    Hi @jcg

    If you are saying that you have:

    1) first - entered transactions manually and then reconciled the account (before downloading transactions);
    2) and then (after the above), you have downloaded your AMEX credit card transactions (which transactions - you have already entered manually in the account register - and then also reconciled). 
    3) the conclusion that the Quicken application would logically reach - is that those transactions must be new transactions, since (logically) no one would reconcile the account prior to downloading recent transactions and letting Quicken match them to potential manual entries.

    The only exception to the above reasoning could be a case where one downloads transactions and then resets the account so that Quicken cannot detect the fact that certain transaction ID's have previously been downloaded.

    That's about all I can think of that could cause this behavior.


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  • jcg
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    Thanks Frank.
    I actually always download the transactions. when I download them again, after having reconciled them, the transactions will again be downloaded, sometimes for transactions a few months old. It usually overrides the category i have chosen when reconciling and even the name of the vendor
  • Tom Young
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    Do you have the Account set to allow for automatic entry of downloaded transactions into the Account's register?  If so, turn that off.  At the very least that will put the transactions down in the Downloaded Transactions window where they can be deleted and not override previous transactions. 
  • Chris_QPW
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    I would run Validate and Repair.  Something seems wrong with that account register.
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