How can I add an "Update Balance" in the Actions menu?

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I created a new account that doesn't update online. Other accounts I have like this have a convenient "Update Balance" option in their register's Actions menu. How can I add that option to this new account and why isn't that option there initially?


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    "Update Balance" being there or not depends on the account type.  Basically, any account type that can be reconcile will not have it.  For example, Cash accounts can't be reconciled and have "Update Balance", the same with the house account type.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    What type of account is this?

    Investment accounts have an "Update cash balance" option in their gear menu. Accounts that have the "Single Mutual Fund" or "Show Cash in a checking account" options selected do not have a cash balance and will display an error message if you select this.

    For Banking and credit card accounts you can update the balance without entering the missing transactions as part of a manual reconciliation. Also if this is a new account, there should be a special Opening Balance transaction as the first transaction in the register and you can enter the updated balance there.

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