Customize Report - Can't select/deselect hidden categories

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Select a report such as "Income and Expense by Category" and click Customize. Select the Categories tab to see a list of your categories. Then check the box at the bottom "Show (hidden categories)." You likely will see some additional categories that are checked which identifies them as hidden categories. If you don't want any hidden categories, click Clear All and then click Show report, then return to Customize. You will find the hidden categories with check marks again. There isn't any way to select/deselect hidden categories because Quicken is using the check mark both for selecting categories to show in the report and to identify categories that are hidden. 


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    This has been acknowledged by Quicken with tracking number CTP-5668.

    See this discussion for more information and potential workarounds
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    When you check the box “Show (hidden categories)," the hidden ones are always shown checked. The check mark only identifies them as hidden. It doesn't indicate if they are selected or deselected.

    I found that you can select/deselect hidden categories by clicking the ones you want to be changed which clears their checkmark. If you say OK or change tabs then return to the Category tab, the unchecked hidden categories, including the one you cleared will again be checked so you can't tell if it's selected. In other words, it toggles them on or off.

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