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Calendar View - Mac vs. Windows

ddaffon Member ✭✭✭
I just switched over to the Mac version of Quicken (Version 6.12.2 (Build 612.47862.100)) from Windows. I noticed the calendar view in Mac doesn't color code transactions, such as bills and income reminders vs. cleared/reconciled transactions, etc.. Literally everything is green and doesn't let you customize anything. Even your daily balances aren't colored. I expect negative balances to show up in Red, like the Windows version. This is literally all use Quicken for, a quick visual of what due vs. what's cleared, and my daily account balance. How do I put in a request to have this updated?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There is an existing Idea thread here regarding color-coding transactions in the Quicken Mac calendar. You may want to review this thread and add your vote (in the yellow box under the first post), and add your comment. I'll note that this Idea thread hasn't garnered a lot of votes over time; it's an example of how we Quicken users use different parts of Quicken. (I almost never use the calendar view; other users use it as their primary view.) More votes for this topic may eventually get the developers to consider revamping the color scheme of the calendar.
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