American Express Accounts Displayed as Incorrect Type After Reauthorizing and ReLinking [Edited]

I received the notice that I had to revalidate my Amex account for one step update. Went through the process and had to close the last window to get back to Quicken. The set up window showed the Amex account but the linked account was shown as a bank checking account which was not correct. The drop down box for linked accounts only showed bank checking accounts. I left it on the bad link and it downloaded a bunch of transactions into a non linked account. I deleted all those transactions.

I called support and they told me to discontinue the one step update for Amex and then try to set it up again. It went through the same steps that I went through during the revalidate process and linked to the same incorrect account. I cancelled the change.

Today I attempted to try to again try to set up Amex for one step update and the Quicken softwear froze and I could not shut it down without restarting my laptop.

Pretty frustrating and customer support was not helpful at all.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ignore that prompt - it didn't come up for me today with my morning One Step Update - since Quicken is still trying to figure out the problems here.  Personally, I usually wait until the last possible second to switch from Direct Connect to EWC+ since it seems that every single switchover has had more than its share of problems. 
    The original announcement
    referred to the changeover occurring "over the next couple of months" so it's unclear how long we really have under Direct Connect.
  • Tgage
    Tgage Member
    Thanks for the note Tom.

    I wish I would have known that before contacting customer service. The update was still working until customer service told me to try deleting the online connection and try to set it up from scratch. When I try, now the system just seems to freeze and I have to kill it in task manager.

    Seems like the change process was not ready for prime time!!
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