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I've noticed the following issues when using the Home Dashboard charts, specifically the Income & Expense chart.  I have multi-currency accounts setup and when I move money from one currency account to another, they create an unlinked transfer and these get categorized as "Transfer".  However, when you view the Income & Expense report, these transfers are skewing my Income/Expense reporting since they are showing up as an Expense.  Can you either create a preference to Turn-off transfer categories, or not include them when viewing the report.  This would then show me a more accurate view of my expenses on this chart.

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    @adsoft2015 I think this is a bug. I was able to replicate that an unlinked transfer is being counted in the Income & Expense card, while a linked transfer is not. In the 6.12 release, they made a fix to the Top Spending Payees card to exclude transfers, but they apparently didn't make the Income & Expense card ignore transfers. I've submitted this as a bug report; hopefully the developers will agree that it's a bug and fix it in an upcoming release.

    One question, though: in my testing, an unlinked Transfer transaction adjusted Income in the card, up or down depending on the value of the transaction. You reported it affecting Expense, and I wasn't able to get it to do that. I'm wondering why I'm seeing Income jump up or down, but you're seeing it affect Expense. 
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    Yes, this was a transfer of funds out of this account (in AUD) to another account in (EUR).  My base currency is AUD.  Therefore I shows up (correctly) as a negative value in this account.  But Ideally it shouldn't show up on my I/E report.  :)

    Hope that helps to explain it.
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