I'm beginning to see - I want a refund ! (edit)

[Removed - Rant] Why did your company make it so difficult to get a refund if your service is expected to be good? You require a TON of information to qualify for the refund. One of the items being an order #, which you DID NOT provide me at all. No order number was sent to me, nor a few other items on the list.

Your software DOES NOT work as intended. I'm forced to bank sync with all my banks, which is a disaster at best. I just spent literally 8 hours doing my books, only to find that when adding another account (synced mind you) it started spurting transactions from the import to all my accounts randomly. It didn't even all go into one place, it unloaded them into ALL OF MY ACCOUNTS. Destroying 8 hours worth of work. Only to find that some transactions were ALSO duplicates.

[Removed - Rant]

I've only had this for a few days, and I already want my refund. Please give me my money back. This was the worst decision I've made in a long time.