Messed up and made 2 PayPal accounts - need to combine (QMAC)

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Updated Quicken 2017 Mac and was prompted to "reassociate" with PayPal because "something has changed" was the warning. Have had a PayPal account #1 for years and it still downloads transactions. PayPal Account #2 is new and should have all the same transactions but that is not the case.
Thinking the solution to create one PayPal account is to drag and drop from Account #2 into Account #1 and delete Account #2.
Does that seem to be best practice or is there a better way?


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    QMac or QWn?  You posted in a QWin forum.

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    How do I delete the post or move it to the proper forum?
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    I flagged it for moderator attention; one of them will move it.

    As for your question, the solution you propose should work.

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    Your approach is correct, but I think you want to reverse it. That is, you want to keep the account which is currently connected to PayPal for downloads, and get rid of the other one. So I believe from your explanation, Account #2 is configured for downloading currently. So you'd want to click on Account #1, Select All, and drag the highlighted transactions to Account #2. (Before doing that, you might want to delete the Opening Balance transaction in Account #2, since all the transactions coning from Account #1 replace it.) After verifying that Account #1 is now completely empty, you can delete it. (Control click on the account name in the sidebar, and you'll see the delete option.) You may still need to check to eliminate or edit any Opening Balance or Adjustment transactions if your account balance is off.
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