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Is it true the Quicken has changed the online banking download to only allow data download when the account statement is online? I have spent hours and hours trying to determine why my banking data wouldn't reconcile. Then I read a post on here which said that Quicken will only allow data downloads once a month, when the bank statement is available. WHAT ??? I might as well go back to using a checkbook register! I have joint accounts so it's difficult to track transactions from two different people without the ability to download data at any time. If this is true, please bring it back. Without the ability to monitor transactions by downloading data at any time, we wouldn't know if there is a fraudulent transaction or mistakes resulting in overdrafts before it's too late to address the issue.


  • splasher
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    Whether you can get daily downloads or only monthly downloads is a decision of the financial institution, not Quicken.

    I get daily downloads for my Chase, Discover and Capital One accounts.

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  • vhmorrison
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    I also have Chase and Discover account and Quicken does not return any transactions when I know they are there to retrieve.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Chase is definitely not one of the VERY few financial institutions that are “statement only” downloading.

    There is something else going on here. The first thing I would try is logging out and back in to your Quicken Id.

    Edit → Preferences → Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts → Sign in as a different user

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