Renewal - Bought in early 2022 - I was automatically renewed for 2023 (edit)

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I bought Quicken in early 2022. I use it primarily to track my expenses. I completed the registers for 2022 and found the reports to be helpful.
I found that I was automatically renewed for 2023, which I don't recall signing up for. If needed, could I have bought the 2023 program on my own, no doubt cheaper?
Couldn't I have continued, e.g., entering 2023 transactions with the original program. Please help me to understand the reason for renewal each year. Given that it's already been renewed, do I just continue entering my transactions?
Another question - the program always asks if I want to sync to the cloud. Do I want that? Is there an additional cost?


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    When you purchase a Quicken subscription from Quicken, Inc, I believe that you are automatically agreeing to auto-renewal, but it can be turned off by going to and signing in. Auto-renewal is always MSRP for renewals, so no bargains there.

    Yes, you could have purchased from a retail seller (make sure a reputable one though) and use it to extend your subscription.

    The year designation of Quicken is purely a marketing ploy, subscription is subscription and as long as it is active, it is eligible for program updates, whether automatic or manual.

    See this thread for what happens if your subscription expires:

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