Is it the Bank or Quicken? Adding a new account causes all other accounts to stop downloading.

I have had this occur more than once (repeatable), NFCU stops downloading transactions for all other accounts after I add a new account. No error messages, all accounts show that the last update was my last update time (changes whenever I update again), but no transactions are posting. The only remedy (that I have found) is to release all accounts from online banking and reestablish the online downloads (but transactions that occurred in the interim are not downloading).

Suggestion: create a workflow to disconnect all accounts from an institution in ONE event (going to all accounts to deactivate and then connect again is frustrating for me and can be an improvement for consideration by you!

So is it the Bank or Quicken? and how am I supposed to know? and how could I keep from being placed in the middle in resolving such an observation ("it's the other side")?


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    Hello @db7122,

    We are sorry about this problem with online banking services. Thank you for inquiring about this here on the Quicken Community.

    What connection method are you currently making use of in order to add or link your accounts to online banking services? Please note that you can verify this anytime by going to Tools > Account List and then clicking on the Edit button in the row associated with the affected accounts. Next, go to the Online Services tab in the new window that appears afterward. The information we are looking for should be found under the Online Setup callout box.

    Also, if you have the chance, you could save a backup by going to File > Copy or Backup File... in the upper menu at the top of the screen and then create a 'test' data file by going to the same menu and selecting New Quicken File... Next, choose New Quicken File in the screen that follows, and then click OK. After this, choose a file location on your computer and then click Save. Choose Don't use mobile and web when prompted.

    You may then add your NFCU-associated accounts by navigating to the Add Account button in the Tools menu option in upper left-hand side of the screen, or in the more central, upper left-hand panel, denoted by the '+' symbol. Let us know if you see the same problem occurring in the test data file after you try adding an additional account with another institution.

    Let us know about your results.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

  • db7122
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    thanks for a quick response.

    I have a total of three institutions that have these symptoms 1. direct connect 2. express web connect + and 3. express web connect

    In each case, I have added a new account to that institutions accounts. The results affect only the added account institution. The new accounts will download, while the older accounts are seemingly not posting transactions. Surprisingly, one (maybe all, but just not observed to date) institution is not posting new transactions but the "online balance" (lower center in the register) is reflecting an accurate balance (with increases/decreases),

    Also observed, in the account add dialogs...the old accounts are listed as "don't add to quicken"...the new accounts have the drop-down to add new, use existing, or ignore.

    As for the troubleshooting...I will not do this.
  • db7122
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    Hello @db7122,

    Thank you for providing more information.

    Based on the issue you described, it would be better suited for you to please reach out to Quicken Support directly for further assistance.

    Have a wonderful day!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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