No longer able to enter investment income for one security

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One mutual fund that I have had for years no longer accepts new income entries. When I try, it seems to think I'm trying to create a new security. It will not accept the name or ticker symbol, even though I select it directly from the list Quicken pops up when I start to type the first few letters.


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    As a test, I tried copying and pasting in a previous successful dividend income transaction with a new date. That also failed, again asking for the name of this new security. Totally baffled!
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    What fund? What Q product? What BUILD of that product?

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    If you go to Tools > Security List, what is listed in the Type column for this security? If somehow it has been changed to Market Index, that would explain your issue, because you are not allowed to generate any transactions for market indexes. There may also be other special security types that can't generate dividends.

    To change the Type, click on the security name to open the Security Detail View, click on Edit details, and change it to the correct type.

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