Kroger Fuel vs. Kroger Groceries

My wife uses a credit card to purchase both groceries and fuel at Kroger. When downloading Quicken seems to just randomly assign Kroger transactions as either groceries or fuel. Any suggestions on how to get Quicken to get the transactions right from the start (Windows)?


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    It might have to do with how Krogers categorizes the transactions.
    You can probably go and log in to your Credit Card account and check your transactions and see if you can check what category they used.

    If you enter your transactions with the proper category before you download them then all you have to do match each transaction to the proper entry.

    Such as

    Kroger Groceries 50.00

    Kroger Gas/Fuel 45.00


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    Is the downloaded Payee+Memo different between the two charges? If so, you can create a Renaming Rule (Tools menu) working with that distinction to slightly rename from Plain Kroger to Kroger Grocery or Koger Fuel.

    Once they are renamed, create two Memorized Payees, one for each with the appropriate category, then in the future when you download, the transaction will be renamed and matched to the memorized payee and entered into register with the downloaded amount.

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    I have a Kroger card and buy groceries and gas from them also.

    The downloaded payee for groceries is “Kroger #" followed by the store number.

    The downloaded payee for gas is “Kroger Fuel".

    SO, I'm going to suggest that the OP needs 2 memorized transactions, 1 for each payee/category.

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    The OP also needs a renaming rule to get rid of the store # so that it can match to the memorized payee.

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