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  • mkrosse
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    have similar issues w Schwab - schwab bank and schwab one account related cash accounts are not updating; despite the schwab one equities, iras updating; all other service provider account are updating, eg AMEX, Capital One, etc
  • Letty
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    edited March 2023
    Despite getting 501 errors on Schwab account downloads - the equity and cash accounts do actually update but the ira account does not - and currently am manually updating.

    One Step Account update doesn't work. It suggests everything is working when in fact it doesn't download transactions for any of my express-connect accounts (eg Schwab, Citi, HSA...) but does for direct connect accounts (eg First Tech). For the express-connect accounts I have to online update each financial institution separately.

    I have pinged the error messages/files to Quicken. Was doing this daily for a period of time - but as we can all see - they are clearly struggling to identify and fix the issues. Hopefully they are at least looking into it.......... Since they know who the Schwab customers are - you'd think they would sending out a reassuring email to all. My confidence in their data integrity is now waning- when you have to cross check any downloaded transactions against your actual financial institutions own site because you're not sure all is sound - then that's not a vote of confidence in quicken...... Sigh
  • bkoren123
    bkoren123 Member

    When I try to connect to Schwab I get the following message 'Quicken cannot determine how to connect to Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. Please try again later'. I have been trying for 3 weeks now same message.

  • Brett R
    Brett R Member

    I am having this exact same issue. Won't let me add the accounts even though they have been authorized in Schwab. Like everyone else, I've been having intermittent problems with downloads back well into 2022. It seemed to be better for last couple of months of 2022 and though maybe we were through all this. About ready to switch to another program after 30 years of being in Quicken. I don't want to change, but downloading Schwab data is a HUGE part of why I have it. Based on all the above discussion, it doesn't seem like they have their A team working on this (or they are overwhelmed with problems at other banks as well and cannot seem to solve it). I see no point in calling them as it doesn't seem to have resolved the issue for anyone else.

  • tmck
    tmck Member

    Same issue with schwab not downloading. It had been fixed with a prior update but I made the mistake of updating to latest Quicken and now can't download from Schwab. Also having a problem with Janney. Those accounts now missing from quicken register. Moral of the story: If Intuit ever fixes this mess, never download another upgrade. There is a good chance that it will have bugs and break what had been OK and the minor, incrimental improvements in the software are NEVER worth the risk

  • Ewm101
    Ewm101 Member ✭✭

    I am having the same problem. On scheduled one step updates, Quicken states Shwab account update completed successfully, yet nothing was downloaded and account was not updated. I can click on update transactions just for Shwab and it will work.

  • Ewm101
    Ewm101 Member ✭✭

    I have scheduled one step update set to run every morning. Quicken shows that the Schwab account updated successfully, but nothing is downloaded, the account is not updated. I can select update transactions and it will download updates but the account total value does not change.

  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    "I can select update transactions and it will download updates but the account total value does not change."

    That's confusing. Are you saying that you are receiving transactions into Quicken but that somehow the transactions aren't being entered into the Transaction List (Register)? Downloaded transactions should be either in the "Downloaded Transactions" area below the Transaction List, in which case the values of the Account won't change until you accept them, or entered directly into the Transaction List if you've enabled that option, in which case the values certainly should change.

    In that Schwab Account have you tried using the Rest Account button violable under the Online Services tab of the Account Details screen? Sometimes that will fix the situation.

  • sjlorenz
    sjlorenz Member ✭✭
    My last download occurred on May 1. I have had nothing since. Today I got message CC-506.
  • TahoeChuck
    TahoeChuck Member ✭✭
    Last successful download for my 5 Schwab accounts was 5/5/2023
  • William Toperzer
    William Toperzer Member ✭✭✭

    Also a 30 year Quicken user and equal time with Schwab. I have one Quicken file where Schwab accounts are 50% of the mixed institution accounts in that file. That file is downloading. Two other Quicken files that only have two Schwab files each. I only need to go into those Quicken files monthly. The latter two Quicken files were not downloading today. Spent my own 2 hours doing all of the Deactivate / Reactivate that I had to do with Quicken rep months ago. Spent another 2 hours with Quicken rep doing all the same steps including a brand new Quicken file that recognized the Schwab accounts, but would not download. Rep went offline and came back saying 'they are having connection problems to Schwab that they are working on by have no estimate to resolve.' No explanation why my primary Quicken account is working to Schwab. We moved to the third account and tried some additional steps and got that account to download. What a mess.

  • stratplan
    stratplan Member

    I am fighting the same issue as above.

    5 accounts with Schwab. suddenly in last couple of months 2 of the accounts no longer update or do "Processing Holdings".

    Like others, I have tried all recommended approaches of deactivating and adding, and/or resetting. Nothing works.

    Like others, I have been using Q for many, many years and am disappointed in the lack of corrective action by Quicken support to what appears to be a problem that many of us are encountering. They seem to be offering platitudes. but no substantive fix that shouldn't be that difficult to solve

    What a shame, because this has been a reasonably solid program for years. But may have to be looking for something more reliable.

  • Willaim Webb
    Willaim Webb Member ✭✭
    Looks like Quicken has abandoned Schwab/Quicken users and hopes they go away.

    I have 5 Schwab accounts (15+ years) and am Quicken user for 22+ years). There is a time consuming work process using the "one step update" which involves some variations in approach every time. I now only update my Schwab accounts every couple of days because it takes about 30+ minutes for 3 stock trading IRA accounts, one bank account and one regular trading account.
    It will take me about an hour or so to create a road map of the process along with solutions to problems/variations in Quicken/Schwab interactions which could be encountered with each account update attempt.

    I assumed most users have already figured this out but if enough Schwab users respond I'll take the time to document my process on this discussion. Let me know.
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