Can new category you enter, be filled quickly now and in future?

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If I have a entry from from Joes Shoes, (and I seard Joes shotes), and 12 resluts come up, and the category for 1/2 in search says shoes, and other 1/2 says clothes, is there a way to get the 1/2 I want to say shoes fill in with one fell shot/ swoop?

Currently, I'm tediously clicking into each one and manually replacing all the Joe Shoes to Shoes one at time.

In Excel, if you have something in a column you want bottom rows the same to you drag, with corner down, wah la all done in one shot without having to reenter, reenter.

Moever is there a way to tell Quicken in future in purchases from Joes Shoes to make sure they pre enter it all as shoes and not clothes as catelgory?


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    Use the Search box to find all the Joes Shoes transactions. Click the Cateogry column to sort them by Category. Select the first one in the “Clothes” group, and Shift-click on the last of the “Clothes" group so all those transactions are highlighted. Then select Transacitons > Edit Transaction, enter the category of Shoes, and press okay. Finally, click Clear filters and click on the Date column heading to re-display all your transacitons in date order.

    For the future, you want to create a QuickFill rule to tell Quicken that when the Payee is Joes Shoes, the Category should be Shoes. Post back if you need help on how to do that.

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