How to see all credit card transactions in Quicken?

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I am new to Quicken. I just synced my accounts with Chase however only my credit card transactions for this year. I would also like to view the transactions of last year (2022). What setting do I need to change?


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    Each financial institution decides how many transactions will get downloaded during set up on online service. Most will download about 90 days but some will download more and some will download fewer.

    You are lucky that Chase also support the Web Connect (WC) process for downloading and importing transactions. WC is where you log into your online account at the Financial Institution, manually download the desired range of transactions in QFX format anQuicken, making sure to select the account you want the transactions downloaded into.

    A couple of things regarding this process for your situation:

    1. Make sure to backup your file before proceeding with it.
    2. In the account you had previously set up with Chase: Delete the Opening Balance transaction.
    3. Then proceed to manually download and import that QFX file.

    When completed, there should be a new Opening Balance transaction present and the account register balance should match the online balance.

    One final step: In Account List, does it show the account is set up for Web Connect and that an improved connection method is available? If so, you will want to click on the link to get the improved EWC+ connection method. If it already shows you have EWC+ set up then there is nothing more to do.

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    See if your card company allows you to download older txn if YOU initiate the download from their site.

    The banks typically limit a Q initiated download to 90 days

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