Ability to attach bank account statements at account level [Edited]

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As a Quicken for Mac user, I would like the ability to "attach" my account statements at the account level. This is a feature that is available in the Windows version. Would you please consider adding for Mac as well? Thanks

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    You can attach a bank statement PDF to any transaction. It could be the last transaction in the statemnent period. Or you could create a $0 transaction each month, with a memo that it is the <month> statement, and attach the statement to it.

    If you are looking for a capability to attach statements to an account, rather than to a specific transaction in the acocunt, there is an exisitng Idea post for that:

    [EDIT: The existing Idea post for attaching statements at the account level linked above has been archived by the moderators according to their policy of clearing out ideas which do not receive enough votes over time. So this newer post starts the process over again. If enough users vote for this capability above, perhaps this time it will succeed.]

    That said, I don't recommend attaching your documents in Quicken Mac. There are no features for attachments, other than that you can attach something to a transaciotn. If you ever wanted to export all your bank statements for a two-year period, for instance, you'd have to find, open and print each one. If your Quicken database is ever corrupted, all your documents are tied up in the Quicken data file. It also ballons the size of your data file, making opening andf saving take longer. And should you ever need to migrate away from Quicken, you'll have to painfully go through and export each transaciton one at a time. Instead, I think a better approach is to create folder to hold your documents. You can file by acocubnt or bank or Payee, or by year, or both. These folders and documents will always be accessible to you without being tiered top Quicken. Just my $.02…

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    Placing snapshots or scanned documents on an account. It's possible to do this with each transaction but it would be nice to keep updates, such as a credit card limit increase notification, on the account itself.

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    Hello @Shadowalker,

    Thank you for sharing your idea! Since there was an active thread requesting this, I merged your idea with the existing thread. Please come place your vote by clicking the "^" triangle under the voting count on the first post in the thread.

    Thank you!

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