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Upon submitting my tax returns in TurboTax, I was offered an extension to my Quicken subscription at $2.99 per month annualized. Why not, I thought. Clicking the link, the various Quicken products showed up at reduced prices. Clicking on Quicken Deluxe at $2.99 x12 plus tax, I attempted to pay for it with a cc. All the info was correct and I hit enter. The transaction did not go through and the price for Quicken Deluxe went to $4.99 per moth x 12 plus tax. Is this a "bait and switch" scenerio?


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    If you go back & read the fine print i suspect you'll find that offer was for new subscribers only. Once they figured out you were an existing subscriber the discount went away.

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    I don't know what deal you saw, but the one you see when starting TurboTax is this one:

    It is for the Starter edition, and it is for “new users”. You can create a new Quicken Id and attach it to that, and it will work.

    I personally use this as way to test the Starter edition features, because they are so restictive incomparison to even Deluxe, and so poorly documented, that when people have questions about it on here, that is about the only way to find out what is and isn't available in the Starter edition.


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    @wdj I see the same offer for a free year of Quicken Starter in TurboTax on a Mac. The fine print states: “Limited time offer of free Quicken Starter membership applies to the first year of membership only when you purchase a qualifying TurboTax product from Amazon.”

    That said, I'm not doubting you saw a $2.99 offer. Quicken does offer different prootions at different times, and to different users based on cookies on your computer. But I'm pretty sure if you got an offer for Quicken Deluxe at $2.99/month, the offer would have had the same fine print about applying only to first year memberships.

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