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Hi - does Quicken (for Windows) recommend or does anyone use a (dedicated) investment management software that is better than what Quicken offers and also let's you import from Quicken? Ideally, I would like to upload from Quicken files into the software. Thanks.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Please define “better.”

    If you are looking for software that can import transaction level data from Quicken, I do not know of anything out there.

    If you have a paid subscription to Morningstar, you can export your portfolio holdings from Quicken and analyze it there, or with their new Investor features you can link directly to many brokerage accounts and import your holdings, similar to Quicken's Simple investing mode.

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    Exporting/import in QIF format would be about the only possible format that this might be done in.

    This is my website:
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    Thanks! By "better", I mean software that handles many more asset classes and has more sophisticated ways of calculating Rate of Return (e.g., Risk Adjusted Rate of Return). I guess there is no such software.
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