is there a known issue where Fidelity Accounts are doubling portfolio values?

I am seeing transactions show up in 2 of my Fidelity 401K accounts that is essentially doubling my account balance. The transaction show up as the total amount of shares held for specific funds where I have been tracking the individual transactions.


  • RickO
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    Yes, this issue has been reported. The post below has been reported by multiple users to solve the issue:

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  • neal.fishman
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    I am also experiencing this problem.

  • ANK
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    noticed the same this today as well
  • zx9r
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    Yes. Apparently not specific to Mac version though since Win users also experiencing this. In my case, it is only a Fidelity 401k account but not my brokerage.
  • Tpasci
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    RickO's solution worked for me. I will continue to monitor. Still would be helpful to know the root-cause.

    Same Mac problem for me. The 5 duplicated transations are odd “Add Shares”, and are dated 12/28/1996. And 2 of the 5 transactions involve newer State Street secuities that were not even in existance back in 1996. And these odd “2” named securities are created, and only the ticker prices are being applied to these “2” securities.

  • sinew23
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    I was having the same issue for the last week or so. I have Fidelity 401K account and it kept adding a transaction with the same number of my current shares. Essentially doubling my number of shares. The solution RickO shared worked for me as well!

  • jacobs
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    @Tpasci Still would be helpful to know the root-cause.

    It seems pretty clear Fidelity made some change in the way they export data which Quicken's (Intuit's) import server wasn't prepared for. It's unlikely we will know the root cause, as Quicken almost never talks about behind-the-scenes issues other than to say they've been resolved.

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  • nananma12
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    Yep been having the same issue. Would like to know when it would be resolved please,

  • PilotPaul
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    None of my securities are doubled. The cash is added which equals the total securities. There is no cash in the Fidelity amounts. I have to zero out the cash each time I update. This was reported before and supposedly closed. The 'fix' reported did not help. Please advise.

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