Creating Reports on Quicken Deluxe Version 6.12.3. Failure to populate category unto report!

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I am trying to create my annual reports to give to my CPA for tax preparation and have not been able to populate the “mortage” category into my report. I have spent a couple of hours on the phone with Quicken and they could not help. I had alreayd tried many of the things they tried again with me via screen sharing. I also tried to create other reports by using specific filters like “tag” with specific accounts and the result was "There where no trasactions for the filter settings.” everytime. I am utterly frustrated and believe that there is something wrong with the latest update of Quicken Deluxe for Mac. Anyone out there with the same issue??



  • Jon
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    How is your mortgage interest categorized? When I created a new mortgage in a test account & entered the first payment, the interest was categorized as “Loans:Loan Interest”, which is not flagged as a tax related category & doesn't show up on the Tax Report. When I changed the category to “Home:Mortgage Interest” it did show up on the Tax Report since that is flagged as a tax related category.

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  • jacobs
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    As @Jon says, “Mortgage” isn't a typical category. Is this a category you created? Are you looking for it in a Category Summary report? Transactions by Category report? Tax Schedule Report? the latter requires the category to be configured to be tax-related and assigne dot the appopriate tax line.

    A typical mortgage payment is a split between interest expense and principal repayment, which is a transfer to the loan account (and is not an expense).

    If you explain how your loan payments are set up, we can advise further.

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  • Mike Honcho
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    Corina, As jacobs mentioned in the previous comment, I had a category that I created that wasn't showing up in my report for 2023 charitable contributions. The category was under CONTRIBUTIONS:XXXXXXX. On my Quicken for Mac, I went to Window>Categories, and edited the specific category by checking the "Tax Related" box and defining it as a Schedule A Cash Contribution (I assume you can make it any type of Tax Form/Schedule and Tax Line just to get REPORTS to recognize it, but I don't know for sure). It then showed up when I re-ran my REPORT. I read in another Quicken Issue that it has to do with "accounting rules" which I think is ridiculous. Why does Quicken care what I'm using my reports for? Any category I wanted to add to my report used to be possible regardless of why I wanted to add it. BL: making the category I wanted to show in my report TAX-RELATED (assigning it a Tax Form & Line) solved the problem for me and allowed the specific category to show in my report.
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    Tax Reports are only going to show categories that are checked as being Tax Related. And if you're using information from those reports to prepare your taxes, it matters a great deal which Schedule & Line you associate with your category.

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