Can I reconcile only the recent 3 months and leave the previous years cleared?

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I restarted with Quicken. I'm done setting up with my credit union with Express Web Connect and my first download included two years of transactions. Great!

I'm only interesting in activively tracking 2023 forward but having the 2022 and 2021 is nice to have for reference. Can I just reconcile for this year only or do I have to delete the previous years?


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    In reconciling the current 3 months, you are accepting in some fashion that the 12/31/22 balance is correct. Or you will have an adjustment that corrects it to the proper value. So as I see it, you might as well reconcile those older transactions as well.

    It is something of a PITA to have a bunch of unreconciled past transactions that you are working around each time you do a current reconciliation.

    So reconcile first from beginning to 12/31/22 allowing for whatever adjustments might be necessary. The proceed forward from there. (Just my opinion)

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    I agree with @q_lurker , mark everything up thru 12/31/22 as R and make an adjustment on 12/31/22 to make the balance agree with the bank statement on that date, then proceed with normal reconciliation.

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