Why is the new version of Quicken so bad?


I've been using Quicken for over 20 years. With the new version:

  1. I can't download updates for my investments with a single click on the home screen.
  2. I can't see my investment performance by clicking on a tab.

I hate to sound like a grumpy old man, but what exactly is the purpose of removing the investments tab?

If anyone can explain how I can get back to the previous views, I promise I won't ask you to get off my lawn.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    What version are you using?

    Also, Quicken has not removed the investments tab. Go to the View menu, click on Tabs to Show and make sure Investing is checked.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    #1 By any chance have you switch from using the US product and switched to the Canadian one?

    Until very recently, and not at all on the Canadian version, all downloading of investment transactions has either been Direct Connect, or Web Connect (downloading and importing a QFX file). As far as I know, there isn't any Canadian financial institution that supports Direct Connect, as a result Web Connect/QFX file has always been the only way to download investment accounts with Quicken Windows Canadian. And that by definition can't be one click. It is "User logs into their financial institution, and downloads/opens the QFX file, which is them imported into Quicken.".

    On Quicken Windows US though the norm is using Direct Connect which used the OFX protocol to talk directly to the financial institution't OFX server and get the transactions. Some financial institutions are now switching to what Quicken is calling Express Web Connect +, that works similarly . And as an option usually the user can use Web Connect/QFX file.

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  • Arctic Hare
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    @noneofyourbusiness —> When you say "update your investments with click of one button" do you mean downloading transactions or updating prices/price history. The Canadian version has never supported OneClick downloading of transaction data for investments, but (some versions) support downloading of price data for securities, which updates the value of those securities - and that does work fine in the latest version of Canadian Home & Business.

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