my information disappears after backup?


I am using a 2015 version of quicken. Just recently, when I back up my data, everything goes fine. I'll close quicken on my computer and when I go back into it again, it acts as if I am a new user and I have to use my backup to put all my information back. Why? Any help appreciated


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    Have you recently reinstalled your Quicken 2015?

    Also, is it possible the directory path where your primary data file(s) are saved has been moved/changed so when Quicken tries to open the data file it cannot find it?

    • I don't remember if 2015 has this feature but you might want to go to File > Find Quicken Files. This will quickly search your hard drive for all Quicken data files. Check the results to see if your primary data file(s) are listed and then check out the location where they are saved. If they are there, try double clicking of the file you want to open which should then prompt Quicken to open it. Or, if the location has been changed, you could try moving them back to the location where you usually save them.
    • If 2015 does not have this Find Quicken Files tool you could perform the search using Windows Explorer. Search for all files with the QDF extention (*.QDF).

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    Thanks. No, I have not recently reinstalled the quicken. For years, I have backed up to my external hard drive and to a disc (always have more than one in case the other doesn't work), no issues. And I could go back in with no problem. Now I have to restore it after each backup

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    Check your filename length. Quicken can get picky about it if it is longer than eight characters, 12345678.QDF. 
    Also check that there is not a space at the end before the period.
    Rename it in Windows Explorer with Quicken closed. Once renamed, double click on the file to start Quicken with that file, after that, it should find it on its own.
    The old file name will still be in the Recent File list (File menu), but if you select it, Quicken will tell you it can't find it and offer to remove it from the Recent File list.

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