Picking a category from the "Transfers" list

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I there a way to have the Transfers list of accounts only show active accounts?

Almost always after downloading transactions I have to fill in a few missing catagories. Almost always there are a few transactions where the catagory should be a transfer from my checking account. When I go to select an account to transfer from the list contains every account I have ever entered in Quicken regardless of whether they are active or closed. Having used quicke for over 20 years I have a lot of closed accounts so the list is long and not in alphabetical order making it difficult to find the account I'm looking for. I would like to have the option to only see active accounts.


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    OOPS. My bad. The list is in alphabetical order.

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    Most Categories can be hidden from selection lists by hiding them, but unfortunaely not transfers.

    If a transfer is regularly scheduled and you know the amount in adavnce, you can create a Reminder for it and accept the reminder before downloading the transaction. Then Quicken will match the downloaded transaction to the one that is already in your register, or give you an opportuntiy to match it manually, and th transfer account or other Category will be assigned properly.

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    This has to be a bug.

    I never noticed it as I always start typing the account name to fill it in for a transfer.

    Looking at my drop-down for Transfers, I see that, like you, I have dozens and dozens of long-closed accounts listed. This contradicts the settings in the Account Details which include a checkmark causes the account to be 'excluded from Quicken reports and features'. Seems like a transfer is a feature :-)

    (Quicken Mac handles this properly, and does not show any hidden accounts in the list of available accounts for transfers.)

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  • Chris_QPW
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    This has been a long standing problem for as long as I can remember.

    Old data files, no way to hide the transfers.

    New data files, "Hide in transaction entry list" selected the transfer account will not be shown, but the follow on bug is that the "Show hidden categories" will not show the transfer either.

    In this example I have hidden Checking 2.

    Now selecting Show hidden categories:

    I would also point out that it my opinion that "Hide in transaction entry list" is the wrong setting for this. You are in the account, and what this setting was originally for is removing the account from "account lists".

    Whereas categories and transfers are sharing the category field, and as such I feel that they should have followed through with this and this is where it should have been done:

    And note the nasty affect of the way they did this. Checking 2 no longer shows up on the Category/transfers list no matter if "Show hidden categories" is selected or not. You have to go back to the display setting and change it there to see it again.

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  • GaryS1964
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    I don't know that it is a bug because if you go into the Catagory list for all Transfers the Hide checkbox is greyed out so you can't check it which would imply that it is done purposely. This is something that they can fix if they want to. The question is do they want to?

    I understand them not wanting to let you hide active accounts but you should be able to hide closed accounts because it is my understanding the once an account is closed it can't be used for anything or reopened.

  • Chris_QPW
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    I didn't say that the disabled check box on the Category list is a bug. It is a clearly a design decision. I just disagree on how they implement this.

    The bugs are that the no setting works for old data files, and for new data files the "show hidden" check boxes doesn't work.

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  • UKR
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    One thing I always do is to rename old, closed accounts and add a "~"(tilde or twiddle) character(*) to the beginning of the account name. "ABC Checking" is now renamed to "~ABC Checking". This sorts these accounts to the bottom of any alpha-sorted selection list and makes it less likely for me to select it by mistake.

    (*) The ~ character does not appear to work with Q Mac. If you plan to ever move from Windows to Mac, change the account names to begin with "z" or "zz" instead.

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