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I have transfer amount from Savings to Checking. I would like to delete the transaction from Savings only, without it effecting the transaction in Checking. When I delete the Savings transaction, it also deletes it out of Checking. Any way to have the transaction remain in Checking and only delete in Savings. I know, normally, it does not make sense to do this, but I have my reasons. Thanks!


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    So you want the entry in the Savings Account to disappear - it never happened - but you want the want the Checking Account to show that dollar amount as in increase in the Account's balance?

    Delete the transaction in the Savings Account; it never happened. Enter the dollar amount in the Checking Account in the Deposit column and in the Category field enter the name of the Checking Account in square brackets: [Checking Account Name]. Magically, the dollars appeared out of thin air, increasing the balance!

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    By definition, transfers come in pairs, you delete one side, the other side gets deleted also.

    If you change the category of the one you want to keep, the other will be deleted and the transaction will be just like any other transaction.

    If you don't want to use any of the normal categories or they don't apply, make the category that account's name (as suggested by Tom Young) in square brackets ( [Checking] ) and it becomes an internal transfer to itself.

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    You guys rock!!!

    I want to express my gratitude for quick assistance in resolving my issue. Have a great week.

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