Updating Quicken while on a Domain

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Hi. I'm the IT guy for my employer. The owner has Quicken installed on his office workstation, which he uses for his personal finances. However, because he doesn't have Admin rights (I do), he has to ask me to update Quicken for him routinely.

I am trying to determine a way to either automatically update Quicken, or else to allow him to update it manually by himself without giving his profile Admin rights.

Is there a way to accomplish this? I read a previous discussion someone posted aboput about this but they were never provided with an answer.


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    Are you talking about updating the Q program? Or the data? The latter shouldn't require ADMIN.

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    Can you give his account write access to all the directories Quicken needs to do an update?

    • \Program Files (x86)\Quicken
    • \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Quicken
    • %APPDATA%\Quicken
    • %PROGRAMDATA%\Quicken

    And all subdirectories of those. There may be others, I haven't done real research to come up with a complete list. Perhaps if you try it, you'll get an informative error message if this list is incomplete.

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    Quicken updates, are basically regular installs and as such require admin rights to install. And as far as I know there isn't any silient install options for them.

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